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Diego Zavala was born and raised in Brownsville, Texas to Mexican immigrants and currently serves his community as a high school teacher.

He is running to ensure that our government works for us and not corporate greed. 


Like many other families in his district, Diego was raised by Mexican immigrant parents who worked night and day to ensure that a bright future was secured for their two sons.


As a high school student at IDEA Frontier, Diego's mother sacrificed her time with her sons to work two separate jobs. And although she worked well over forty hours a week, she still used food stamps to make ends meet. 

His father, a naturalized citizen, supported both of his children to take advantage of the opportunities this country had to offer.


Looking to understand why there existed such inequality in our country, Diego attended St. Mary's University where he studied political science--the first in his family to do so.

It was through his studies that he realized that the poverty he and his community experienced was part of a largely dysfunctional system that prioritized profit over the benefit of American citizens in underserved communities like his.

Having realized that education offers opportunities to all, Diego led middle school and high school students from underserved communities in San Antonio to help the leaders of tomorrow understand just how powerful they truly are.


After two years in the classroom, Diego moved to Washington, D.C to receive a Master's Degree in International Development in the hopes of increasing the number of people whose lives he could empower through education. While in D.C. he familiarized himself further with the devastating effects of the unfairness in our political system. 

Inspired by our current political movement to return power to the American people, Diego decided to return to his hometown of Brownsville to represent the 34th district of Texas in Congress and ensure that our government places our interests first.